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ISRI 2018 is finally here!

ISRI 2018 is coming up quicker than you think! Get ready to learn Plastic Safety Netting about all of the latest and greatest opportunities and applications within the Scrap Car Industry.

Industrial Netting will be at booth #1049 showcasing their plastic  crushed car containment safety netting. This netting is used for containing loose parts, construction debris, and other salvage materials during over the road transport to reduce the risk of loose parts from falling onto roadways.

The show will be held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 14th to the 19th. Sign up now and don’t forget to come see Industrial Netting at booth #1049! We are there to discuss and help you with any of your questions or needs.

See you there!

Come See Industrial Netting at Filtration International Conference and Exposition!

Filtration International Conference and Exposition is right around the corner! Get ready to learn about all of the latest and greatest opportunities, technologies, and applications within the Filtration Industry.  Filtration 2017 is your ultimate guide to all of these innovations.

Industrial Netting will be at booth Read more ›

Process Expo, 2017 is Almost Here – All of the Food Industries latest and greatest!

See Industrial Netting at the Process Expo!

See Industrial Netting at the Process Expo!

All you need to know about the food and beverage industry in one event! Process Expo is the nation’s largest trade show designed to show you the latest technologies and solutions in the Food Industry. You will find companies from big to small and new to old, all showcasing their products and machinery. Industrial Netting will be one of them!

You can expect to see products and services from many different Markets –
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Installing RackGuard Plastic Safety Netting Using Eye-bolts

Storage racks are designed to have pallets rest on and across the RackGuard installed using eye-bolts, cables, and cable ties rack beams.  Safety Netting is typically installed using some kind of offset to keep pallets from coming into contact with the netting when a pallet overlaps the storage rack beams.

See how a southern Minnesota factory installed RackGuard Pallet Rack Safety Netting using off-the-shelf eye-bolts and cabling to create a safer warehouse environment. The steps and photos below illustrate a simple and successful off-set installation of safety netting that fits virtually any pallet rack system.  Read more ›

Plastic Netting for your Agricultural Needs!

Corn Maze Netting Defines PathwaysIf you are in search of plastic netting for corn mazes and hauling various agriculture, Industrial Netting can provide that to your specific needs. Our agricultural plastic netting is made with a breathable open mesh structure allowing air flow while also preventing moisture and mildew build-up.
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Keep the Birds Away!

Environmentally Friendly Bird Control NettingAre you having bird troubles? Are birds intruding on your crops, buildings, and warehouses? We can help! There is a simple solution to keeping these pests away and that is Industrial Nettings Bird Net, Pest Control Netting. Bird Net from Industrial Netting is humane, environmentally friendly, and will keep the birds away from your valuables in no time. Read more ›

Rack Safety

The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) hosted speaker Paul Serafini at the MHI 2016 Spring Meetings. Serafini, an industrial health and safety professional with over 20 years of experience, offered the perspective of a supply chain and material handling professional who sees first-hand what motivates companies to invest or not invest in safety. He spoke to the challenges and opportunities safety equipment/protective guarding manufacturers face when trying to motivate reluctant users to understand the cost of negligence and non-compliance.
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Parts Protection Sleeves

Parts Protection Sleeves are color coded for easy identification

Common applications for breathable plastic mesh sleeves could be to protect plated, polished, or powder-coated parts from chipping and abrasion. Sleeves are reusable, breathable, and color-coded based on the different product sizes. This color coding makes it easier for you to distinguish between different product sizes.
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Bat Netting

Are Bats roosting on places that they are not wanted? Or are you in need of netting for within your bat houses? Industrial Netting provides a human way of excluding bats from roosting sites within gardens or buildings and it also provides plastic netting for bats to cling to within bat houses. Plastic bat control netting is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-conductive. It is a way for you to guard against the safety and health hazards that bats create, without inflicting trauma upon them. Plastic Bat Exclusion Netting, is made from UV Stabilized black polypropylene resin for maximum service life and comes in hole apertures of ¼” x ¼”. Once installed, Bat Net is nearly invisible and very easy to clean. It can also be fabricated into custom shapes and sizes for your needs.

Not only does Industrial Netting provide you with netting to keep bats out, but it also provides netting that can be installed within bat houses. Plastic bat house netting is stapled to the inside of bat houses to provide a surface for bats to cling to. The surface of our bat house netting is rough making it easier for bats to grip. Unlike metal screening, UV stabilized plastic netting will not rust from condensation and urine from bats. Bat house netting is made out of polyethylene resin and comes in hole sizes of .125″ x .125″.

Industrial Nettings Bat Net is proud to be recommended within the Bat House Builders Handbook. We provide environmentally friendly, humane, and effective bat net products for your specific needs.

Aquaculture Netting

Plastic netting can not only be used above, but below the water as well! Industrial Netting is here to provide you with our Aquaculture Plastic Netting which can be used within fish farms, sea farms, shrimp farms, and oyster farms. Because our plastic netting is durable and light-weight, it is commonly used for predator barriers to ward off various aquaculture pests. Other common applications are for making cages, traps, and trays. Aquaculture netting will not rust, it is non-toxic, chemical resistant, easily cleaned, easily fabricated, and can be used in various temperature ranges.

Industrial Netting provides plastic cage netting that is available in diamond or square mesh, it is heavy duty, and extruded from rugged, UV stabilized polyethylene resin. Plastic cage netting can be fabricated into tubular formed Grow-Out bags. These are available in hole sizes from 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch to provide maximum water flow to your crop. Along with Grow-Out bags, Industrial Netting provides Knitted Mesh Shellfish Bags. Use knitted bags to send oysters, mussels, or clams to various markets. These also come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to accent your shellfish package.

Clam Beds can be heavily protected by using our strong, durable, plastic netting. Various types of aquaculture can be covered with netting in roll widths up to custom sizes. By applying plastic netting over seeded beds, this will keep predators such as crabs, birds, and stingrays away and increase the survival rate of your aquaculture.

Standpipe Filters are a common application in aquaculture where plastic netting is extruded into plastic mesh filter tubes. These tubes are fabricated to fit over standard PVC pipes for standpipe filter applications in places such as tanks or ponds. Plastic mesh filter tubes are used as aeration tubing in hatcheries, fisheries, and in fish tanks. Some characteristics these tubes are that they are made from high density polyethylene resin, they contain a carbon black additive for extended useful life, and they can be fabricated to your custom needs.

Industrial Netting is always aiming to satisfy its customers by providing the best aquaculture protection possible!