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Plastic Netting – Square, Diamond and Oriented

Types of Plastic Netting

There are fundamentally two different kinds of plastic netting in terms of strand structure, diamond netting and square netting. Further, there are two different processes that result in distinct product characteristics; extruded (or cast) netting and oriented netting. Read more ›

The Extrusion Process of Plastic Netting

The Extrusion Process

For those not familiar with extruded plastic netting, it’s perhaps best to begin by discussing what extruded plastic netting is not. It is not woven mesh. It is not perforated. It is not molded. Although all of these processes produce materials with holes, each process has its own nomenclature for defining what’s there (i.e. strands, joints, etc.) and what’s not there (holes). The same is true for the extrusion process.

The extrusion process is a continuous process, which involves Read more ›

Cicada Netting Successfully Installed!

This years Cicada outbreak was located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Here is an example of how Cicada netting from Industrial Netting was used by one of our customers!

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Cicada Control Netting for This Years Outbreak!

Cicada Don’t let Cicadas destroy your trees and shrubs.  You can protect young trees and shrubs with 1/4-inch mesh insect netting from Industrial Netting.

Cicadas spend their brief life eating and mating. Females cut slits in small branches of deciduous trees laying up to a dozen eggs in each and causing the branch to die. A single female produces up to 600 eggs!

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Protect Products from Falling During Transport with Conveyor Guard Safety Netting

Prevent serious injuries in warehouses and distribution centers with Plastic Conveyor Guard Safety Netting from Industrial Netting. Overhead Conveyors, inclines, and vertical conveyors need the appropriate guarding in order to prevent products and packages from falling during transport.

Protect your workers from injury while also preventing costly damage to your products. Install RackGuard, conveyor guard netting along conveyor sides to form a durable, see-through, containment wall.

Industrial Netting is a founding member of ProGMA. The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association showcases a video representing this application. Check it out to, visually, see the benefit that Safety Netting from Industrial Netting can provide within your warehouse.

RackGuard Safety Netting for Elevated Work Platforms (Mezzanines)

Elevated Work Platforms – sometimes called Mezzanines – can be a hazard to warehouse workers below. Provide safety on your facilities work platforms by attaching plastic netting to guard rails, forming a safety barrier.

Industrial Netting is a founding member of The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA). OSHA Fall Protection standard 1926.502 requires paneling or screening for anywhere there are tools, equipment, or material that are piled higher than the top edge of a toe board or kick plate. Adding protection is financially prudent. Plastic Mezzanine Safety Netting from Industrial Netting is a simple, cost effective, solution for protecting employees below from loose objects that may fall or be kicked off of elevated work platforms. Read more ›

Installing RackGuard Plastic Safety Netting Using Eye-bolts

Storage racks are designed to have pallets rest on and across the RackGuard installed using eye-bolts, cables, and cable ties rack beams.  Safety Netting is typically installed using some kind of offset to keep pallets from coming into contact with the netting when a pallet overlaps the storage rack beams.

See how a southern Minnesota factory installed RackGuard Pallet Rack Safety Netting using off-the-shelf eye-bolts and cabling to create a safer warehouse environment. The steps and photos below illustrate a simple and successful off-set installation of safety netting that fits virtually any pallet rack system.  Read more ›

Plastic Netting for your Agricultural Needs!

Corn Maze Netting Defines PathwaysIf you are in search of plastic netting for corn mazes and hauling various agriculture, Industrial Netting can provide that to your specific needs. Our agricultural plastic netting is made with a breathable open mesh structure allowing air flow while also preventing moisture and mildew build-up.
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Keep the Birds Away!

Environmentally Friendly Bird Control NettingAre you having bird troubles? Are birds intruding on your crops, buildings, and warehouses? We can help! There is a simple solution to keeping these pests away and that is Industrial Nettings Bird Net, Pest Control Netting. Bird Net from Industrial Netting is humane, environmentally friendly, and will keep the birds away from your valuables in no time. Read more ›

Rack Safety

The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) hosted speaker Paul Serafini at the MHI 2016 Spring Meetings. Serafini, an industrial health and safety professional with over 20 years of experience, offered the perspective of a supply chain and material handling professional who sees first-hand what motivates companies to invest or not invest in safety. He spoke to the challenges and opportunities safety equipment/protective guarding manufacturers face when trying to motivate reluctant users to understand the cost of negligence and non-compliance.
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