Cut to Length Sleeves

Protective Sleeves for your Individual Parts

Are you in need of protective sleeves for individual parts and/or applications? Protective Sleeves from Industrial Netting are sold in standard roll sizes OR you can have them custom cut to the specific length needed to fit your parts or application. Have us do the work for you and save your team the time and labor.

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We can custom cut sleeves as small as ½”. This is especially helpful in situations where the protective sleeves are used during transport to prevent scratching on custom finishes.

You also have the option to have pre-cut sleeves heat sealed on one end. Industrial Netting provides a service so you can recieve a heat sealed seam to alleviate additional labor expenses for you. Heat Sealing the ends of protective sleeves forms what looks like a bag or a pocket.

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Protective Netting for your individual parts!Parts Protection Sleeves from Industrial Netting are color coded for easy identification