Shellfish Bags

Knitted Mesh Shellfish Bags

Plastic Knitted Mesh from Industrial Netting, Produces Bags in a variety of colors
Form a convenient carrying
handle by looping extra net
Send oysters, mussels, or clams to market in knitted mesh produce bags. Choose from a variety of colors (BLUE, BLACK, GREEN, PURPLE, YELLOW, RED) in hexagonal or diamond shaped patterns to accent your cultured shellfish package.

The uniform size of our knitted plastic mesh net helps maintain good portion control. The eye-catching color and bright appearance helps create a recognizable brand.

Packagers can add a header, or clip, on tag with recipes, barcodes, or promotions.

Knitted plastic nets are available in a variety of widths (11", 13", 15", 16.25", 19"). You can purchase tubular knitted nets in roll form ranging from 250' to 500' or cut and clipped to your designated length.

We also have black, polyethylene, Plastic mesh Grow-Out Bags available in 18.375" widths x 40" long. These bags are UV stablized for long service life, will not rust, non toxic & chemically resistant, easily cleaned / fabricated, and can be used in a wide variety of temperature ranges.

The items shown below may currently be in stock and can be purchased in one roll increments; all others have minimum order requirements.

The raw material for these knitted bags is made from food grade polyethylene resin, which is not suitable for temperatures above 180 ºF.

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+ Hole Size Inches Range

+ Thickness Range

KB8813 Black, 13" Wide Knitted Shelfish Bag


XB1255 - 18" Wide Grow-Out Bags
Quantities of 20 in a box


+ Hole Size Inches Range

+ Thickness Range