Plastic Mesh Die Cutting & Sheeting

Sheeting and Die Cutting

Plastic mesh is produced in large master rolls to realize the most efficient economies of scale. But many applications require sheets or pieces. Why buy full size rolls when custom cuts to your exact specifications are just a phone call away?

Die Cutting

Industrial Netting can provide highly precise circles or shapes of any size. Our standard tolerance for die cut parts is +/- 0.030". The existing line of equipment includes a high speed beam press which allows us to die cut parts in a range of 45" to 58" or circles up to 46" in diameter. To compliment our services we have a smaller die cutter which can provide precision parts as small as 1/2" in diameter. Initial tooling charges and extended lead times will apply but ongoing supply is typically completed in a 1 to 2 week time frame allowing you to have the custom parts you need just-in-time to meet your production schedules! Please contact us for a custom quote on your parts!

Sheeting equipment
Custom Die Cutting Services
Die Cutting Equipment
High Speed Beam Press for precision cuts
Die Cut parts in many shapes and sizes
Die Cut Pieces to any shape & size


Sheeted pieces of Natural mesh
Extruded Netting Sheeted to Exact Specifications

If you need square or rectangular pieces, we can help there too! Tolerances on our sheeted parts are typically quoted at +/- 0.125" but may vary slightly based on hole size, hole configuration and/or thickness of the selected material. Our existing equipment allows us to sheet parts as small as 2" and up to pieces as wide as 60" or as long as 180". Please contact us for further details on the alternatives available for receiving material in an end use configuration that meets your production needs!

Custom Packaging

Once your parts have been custom converted why not ask us to help you with custom packaging and/or labeling configurations! If your process requires parts bagged in plastic, or parts packed in double poly bags just let us know. If internal efficiency requires specific quantity counts or specific box sizes we are here to make your life easier! We also have a variety of bar coding options available and will work with you to determine the most efficient transportation options as well. Simply let us know what you need to accomplish and we will make those goals become reality!


Diamond Mesh Netting will stretch under tension causing the hole shape to elongate in one direction and narrow in the other. This "accordion affect" causes the tensioned dimension to shorten and the perpendicular dimension to grow as material relaxes. Tolerances only apply at time of cutting.