Filtration Cores

Plastic Mesh Cores & Cages for Filter Elements

Dimensions of Rigid Mesh Cores & Cages from Industrial NettingExtruded plastic netting in rigid mesh tube form that provides structural support as a center core in filter cartridges. Rigid mesh cages are also used as outer containment sleeves to protect filter media from damage during handling and cleaning.

The ready availability of a wide range of configurations and the minimal tooling costs associated with custom designs make extruded mesh cores a favorite for filter design engineers.

Measurements & Tolerances

Plastic Rigid mesh tubes are extruded and stocked in common lengths with a "rough cut" length tolerance of +/-0.25".

To create more precise custom lengths extruded tubes can be "finished cut". The finished cut tolerance is +/-0.030" for lengths less than 46 inches or +/-0.060" for lengths from 46 to 94 inches.

Tube diameters can slightly differ from lot-to-lot due to shrinkage variability. Inside Diameter (ID) and Outside Diameter (OD) tolerances are typically +/-0.020" for most configurations.

Utilize our sonic welding service to bond fine, woven mesh or non-woven filter cloth to the surface of these Rigid Mesh Tubes to create an overwrapped tube.

Custom Sizes

Chose from a wide range of diameters, apertures, and open areas to get the flow characteristics and structural support required for your application. Don’t see what you need below?

We also custom fabricate plastic mesh tubes from a variety of flat mesh or nonwoven products.