Sonic Welding and Heat Sealing Custom Converting Services

Industrial Netting takes pride in its ability to create the best product for you. When it comes to Rigid Mesh Tubes and Protective Netting Sleeves, we have custom converting services available to convert these products into the shape, form or size required for your application needs.

Sonic Welding

Click here to see all Rigid Tubes for Filtration from Industrial Netting!Need to create a cost effective pre-filter for your Filtration application? Industrial Netting uses proprietary ultrasonic welding capabilities to bond fine mesh or non woven filter cloth to the surface of rigid polypropylene plastic tubes. These fabric Over Wraps combine the strength of our rigid tubes with the separation properties of fine mesh or fabric. We have many unique Filter Core options available to form these over wrapped tubes to use within Filtration applications.

Using this process, Industrial Netting can form tubes up to 12-inches in diameter from a variety of thermoplastic plastic nets and meshes. Choose from a broad range of fine meshes to heavier, rigid and more open nets to create a tubular structure unique to your application requirements. Seamed tubes can be made from multiple layers of non-woven and plastic mesh netting to create unique tubular structures.

Heat Sealing

Heat Sealed Sleeves from Industrial Netting!Industrial Netting is your source for custom configurations of our Parts Protection Sleeves or other flat plastic mesh products.

Parts Protection Sleeves are sold in full box length configurations. Industrial Netting can take these boxes, cut the material to specific lengths and pinch weld one end of the sleeve to form a heat sealed bag or pocket. The pinch welding process bonds one end of plastic mesh sleeves to allow you to protect and showcase your products with our unique colors, configurations and sizes of breathable plastic mesh. Choose from a variety of NetGuard or Vexar® sleeve diameters and colors for a unique solution to your packaging requirements.

Industrial Netting would love to help you create a product for your specific solution requirements and in a cost-friendly way!

Contact us today to learn how Industrial Netting can fabricate plastic mesh tubes and heat sealed sleeves to meet your unique application parameters.

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