Cicadas Are Coming!

Cicada Don’t let Cicadas destroy your trees and shrubs. Brood V emerges from its 17-year gestation this spring. And the nymphs will be hungry. You can protect young trees and shrubs with 1/4-inch mesh insect netting.

Cicadas spend their brief life eating and mating. Females cut slits in small branches of deciduous trees laying up to a dozen eggs in each and causing the branch to die. A single female produces up to 600 eggs

Wrap cicada netting completely around the tree or shrub then tie it off with zip ties to keep insects from finding an entry path.  Cicadas are relatively large insects so 1/4″ mesh netting will keep them out.  You’ll still have to put up with the mating song of the males . . . but your trees and shrubs will escape damage.

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