Precision Mesh Tube Cutting

Cut-To-Length Plastic Filter Cores

Industrial Netting can produce custom lengths with tight tolerances on all configurations of our plastic rigid mesh cores. The wide variety of extruded cores, coupled with our "finished cut" fabrication services, create a virtually limitless number of custom length options to meet your needs.

The standard extruded "rough cut" plastic rigid mesh cores will typically hold a length tolerance of plus or minus 0.25" with rough edges that are not always square. Finished cutting of these rigid cores will yield a length tolerance of plus or minus 0.030" for tubes up to 45 inches in length and plus or minus 0.060" for tubes up to 94 inches in length, with uniform, square edges. A secondary de-nubbing service is also available for certain lengths and configurations.

Precision Cut Tubes
+/- 0.060" for lengths up to 95 inches
+/- 0.030" for lengths up to 45 inches
Finished Cuts to Precise Dimensions