Sieves & Screens

Precision Sieves, Screens & Strainers

Electroformed Screens & Sieves by Industrial NettingIndustrial Netting offers a variety of precision metal mesh screens for laboratory and commercial applications including Electron Ion Separation, Medical Particulate Sorting, Optical Scanning and Mass Spectrometer. Several manufacturing processes are available to create the exact precision mesh screen required for your application.

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Electroformed MicroMesh Screens feature apertures as small as 8-microns. MicroMesh screens are produced using a specialized additive process to build up the precision mesh structure. The mirror-like surface reduces entrapment of particulates and helps assure consistent hole size accuracy. Most sizes are available in Nickel, Copper or Gold. Most products are made-to-order. Ask us about in-stock availability.

Precision Sieves by Industrial Netting for particle classification

Micro-Mesh® Sieves are used to sort, sift, screen and classify a variety of materials. Each precision sieve is custom-made from electroformed mesh to assure exact determination of particle size. The flat, smooth surface of electroformed Micro-Mesh® sieves simplifies minimizes clogging and simplifies cleaning. This unique electroforming process creates sieves with openings as small as 3 microns.

Etched Stainless Steel Screens by Industrial Netting for separators and processorsPhotoChemically Etched Screens are used in rotary screen applications such as fruit separators, sugar processing, micro electronics, and medical Celerons. Additional uses include hydraulic valve screens, fuel filters, and extruding screens, as well as particle separation and sizing. These precision etched stainless steel screens are available in 5 levels of hardness. The PhotoChemical Milling process insures your screens have no burrs, rough edges or built in mechanical stresses.

Precision Etched Pin Holes for calibration and leak testing by Industrial NettingPrecision Etched Pin Holes are etched from 0.001" thick Type-300 stainless steel are used for calibrated leak testing and calibrated pressure testing. Common uses include calibrated leak testing and calibrated pressure testing. Available in quantities as small as 10 per order.