Green Initiative and Code of Conduct

Environmental Stewardship

Industrial Netting utilizes a baler to create bales of recycled materials!
                           Trim & scrap baled for reprocessing
The people of Industrial Netting recognize that the key to a sustainable business model and long-term enterprise success is the judicious use of resources. Environmental stewardship is an integral part of that commitment.

Our pest control plastic netting provides a humane, environmentally friendly, passive deterrent to protect shrubs, gardens and decorative plants from foraging wildlife without inflicting trauma.

We offer reusable plastic mesh to the machine tool industry as an alternative to single-use cardboard dividers. Non-absorbent breathable mesh separators help minimize rust and corrosion by allowing air and fluids to flow freely.

Our Car-Go-Net® plastic containment netting plays a vital role in the safe transportation of scrap metal and becomes part of the fuel at the mills that recycle those scrap materials into new metals. Using Car-Go-Net® plastic containment netting in place of trailer side walls also reduces load weight and allows for greater hauling capacity to reduce fuel consumption.

We help reduce the hazardous waste stream to landfills by producing components for industrial filter elements that can be incinerated at the end of their service life.

The majority of our plastic nets and plastic rigid mesh tubes are made from polypropylene resin. Among fossil fuel-based resins, only polypropylene can be considered sustainable under a reference system created by non-profit environmental solutions provider Clean Production Action and sustainability consultant Pure Strategies. (Plastics News - October 5, 2009).

Waste Reduction and Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Baler from Industrial Netting!We recycle scrap polypropylene resin, polyethylene resin, and cardboard with a local re-processor where materials are ground and pelletized for use in the manufacture of new polymer products. We recycle more efficiently using a vertical Baler in which bales a variety of materials - maximizing our recycling output.

We retrofit our factory and warehouse with energy efficient lighting (LED) to reduce energy consumption by 26%.

We upgraded our software and refined our document control processes to reduce paper records through the use of more robust electronic record-keeping.

We allocated capital resources to state of the art packaging equipment to minimize the weight and bulk of finished products.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Industrial Netting is committed to the highest standards of business ethics. The successful business operation and reputation of Industrial Netting is built on the principles of fair dealings and ethical conduct of our suppliers and their employees. Our reputation for integrity and excellence require all suppliers, employees, directors, officers, managers, and supervisors to comply with all applicable laws and to conduct business with integrity, honesty, and impartiality.

This Industrial Netting Code of Conduct defines the minimal requirements our suppliers must comply with. It is based on current recognized laws in place, along with the 26 Fundamentals helping to define our business culture.

1. Suppliers will comply with all applicable laws.

2. Suppliers will treat staff with dignity and respect.

3. Suppliers will not solicit from sources that use forced labor, child labor, or engage in the facilitation or any other use of slavery or human trafficking.

4. Suppliers will compensate their employees fairly and appropriately.

5. Suppliers will follow national legislation relating to working hours, ensure a safe workplace, and ensure employees are aware of hours worked, rates of pay, and statutory deductions.

6. Suppliers will prohibit discrimination or harassment of their employees for any reason including, but not limited to, a person’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, genetic information, veteran/military status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

7. Suppliers will conduct their business in an environmentally responsible manner that minimizes adverse impacts on the environment.

8. Suppliers will obtain and maintain all necessary environmental permits and registrations for the conduct of their business and comply with the relevant operation requirements and reporting obligations as required by statute.

9. Where possible, suppliers will source energy from renewable sources.

10. Suppliers will not tolerate any form of corruption.

11. Suppliers will not bribe and will not accept bribes to obtain an undue advantage in the conduct of business. The use of good judgment based on high ethical principles will guide with respect to lines of acceptable conduct.

Industrial Netting is committed to accomplishing the goals of this policy and expects all suppliers to do the same. By working together, the relationship will be a positive, respectful, and productive environment for everyone.