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Category: Dehydration

Get Ready for Petfood Forum 2023!

The Petfood Forum Convention is the ideal opportunity to network and gain insight into the latest research on pet nutrition, pet food market growth, pet food safety, packaging, and processing. When it comes to processing, you won’t want to miss

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NEW Cannabis and Hemp Processing Netting Products!

Introducing our new Cannabis and Hemp processing mesh products! Industrial Netting provides Food Grade Commercial Drying Netting for Cannabis / hemp growing systems for medicinal and recreational purposes. Our indoor grower support netting products for Marijuana are BPA free and fully comply

How to get fresh fruits and vegetables all winter long

Dehydrating foods inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts and mold through the removal of water.  Many foods can be dehydrated – meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs.  The process of drying these foods can be done with electrical dehydrators or