Standpipe Filters

Plastic Mesh Filter Tubes

Open mesh plastic filter tubes are fabricated to fit over standard PVC pipes for standpipe filter applications in tanks and ponds. Standpipe tubes are also used as aeration tubing by hatcheries and fisheries in fish tanks and aquaculture pond applications.

Plastic Mesh Filter Tubes by Industrial Netting fabricated for various Aquaculture applications
Choose from 4 stock sizes

  • Fabricated from rugged, high-density, polyethylene net
  • Carbon black additive for extended life in use
  • Fits over standard PVC pipes
  • 44-inch Long Stand Pipe Filters fit over 1" 2" 3" or 4" PVC pipes

Note: Industrial Netting can fabricate custom tubes in a wide range of diameters and lengths to meet your unique requirements. Choose from a broad range of extruded polyethylene plastic nets to achieve the flexibility and pliability you need. Contact us for more information on these innovative products.

MT2351 - StandPipe Filter for 1" PVC


MT2352 - StandPipe Filter for 2" PVC


MT2353 - StandPipe Filter for 3" PVC


MT2354 - StandPipe Filter for 4" PVC