Bat Houses

Plastic Netting to Enhance Your Bat House

Bat house mounted on TreeIf you are looking for a way to enhance your bat house during the building process, Industrial Netting provides Plastic Bat House Netting. This accessory can be simply installed by stapling it to the inside of the desired bat house creating an ideal home and roosting site for bats. Plastic bat net has a roughened surface that is easy to cling and is...

  • non-corrosive
  • non-toxic
  • non-conductive
  • easily cut to size

Unlike metal screening for bats, condensation and urine will not rust or rot our UV stabilized black polypropylene plastic mesh making for a clean Bat House environment. Bat Houses provide a safe and warm place for bats to raise their young and provide them with a home that is not in areas where they don't belong. Our Plastic Bat House Netting comes in hole apertures of .125" X .125", in roll widths of 4-feet, and roll lengths of 7 or 25-feet.Plastic bat house netting from Industrial Netting creates a useful and safe home that bats will love.

Plastic Bat House Netting from Industrial Netting will not rust or corrode

Plastic bat net from Industrial Netting has been recommended in the Bat House Builders Handbook authored by BCI. The Organization for Bat Conservation has documented key requirements for successful bat houses. They also offer guidelines to build your own bat house.

If you are looking for ways to keep bats out of areas where they are not welcome.. check out our bat exclusion page!

Visit us on Facebook to see how Highlands, Colorado Boy Scouts use net to build bat houses.

Receive next day shipment from our vast in-stock product inventory - in easy to use package sizes. These Packages come in Roll widths of 4-feet and roll lengths of 7 or 25-feet for your convenience.

+ Hole Size Inches Range

+ Resin (material)

XV1672 - 1/8" Bat House Netting 4' x 25'

XV1672 - 1/8" Bat House Netting
4' x 25'


XV1672 - 1/8" Bat House Netting 4' x 7'

XV1672 - 1/8" Bat House Netting
4' x 7'


+ Hole Size Inches Range

+ Resin (material)