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Plastic Conveyor Guard Safety Netting

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Prevent serious injuries in warehouses and distribution centers with Plastic Conveyor Guard Safety Netting from Industrial Netting. Overhead Conveyors, inclines, and vertical conveyors need the appropriate guarding in order to prevent products and packages from falling during transport.

Protect your workers from injury while also preventing costly damage to your products. Install RackGuard conveyor guard netting along the conveyor sides to form a durable, see-through containment wall. Plastic netting is best used as a vertical containment barrier or a horizontal enclosure. It should not be used as a “catch” net but rather as a barrier screen underneath rollers to prevent unauthorized access.

Industrial Netting is a founding member of ProGMA. The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association showcases a video representing this application. Check it out to visually see the benefit that RackGuard Safety Netting can provide within your warehouse.

Buy RackGuard from stock in master rolls - Or have us cut to your specific size requirements.