How To Measure

Interpreting Dimensions

RackGuard plastic pallet rack safety netting is produced as an extruded matrix and stocked in master rolls. While RackGuard is easily trimmed with wire cutters or tin snips, most installers prefer to purchase custom cut sizes to simplify the installation. The diagram below illustrates critical dimensions.

In the majority of RackGuard installations the Outside Strand to Outside Strand dimension is the most critical. Custom cuts will be produced to those minimum strand-to-strand dimensions unless otherwise specified.

Outside Edge to Outside Edge includes the 'nubs' that result from custom cutting to specific widths and lengths. This dimension may come into play when RackGuard is used for shelf dividers or bin dividers. If your installation requires that the outside nubs be contained within a certain dimension, please specify that the required edge to edge dimension is a maximum allowable dimension.

How to Measure RackGuard Plastic Netting

Custom cuts are made in our factory at ambient temperatures. Polypropylene plastic mesh may expand or contract by 1% to 2% at temperature ranges up to 120°F or down to 40°F. Please take temperature into consideration when specifying custom dimensions.