Deer Fence

Heavy Duty Plastic Deer & Elk Fence

Use heavy duty Deer Fence to protect hay stacks and food storage
North Dakota Game and Fish Department
uses Elk Fence to protect haystacks from
foraging deer.
Courtesy: Raymond Parsons
If you are in need of an environmentally-friendly way to exclude Deer, Elk, and other foragers from hay stacks, feed storage areas, or even places of high traffic, use our heavy duty deer and elk plastic fencing.

Our plastic Deer and Elk Fence has many attributes...

  • Made from UV stabilized black polypropylene resin for extended service life
  • easy to install
  • Will not rust or rot like wire would
  • Available in heights up to 13-feet

This Commercial Grade Deer Fence ships via common carrier

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PMSF is the nominal weight of plastic netting mesaured in pounds per 1000 square feet

+ Hole Size Inches Range

OB2550 - 3/4" Deer Netting
6.5-ft tall


OB1610 - 2" Elk Fencing
13-ft tall


OB2650 - 1" Deer Fencing
12-ft x 50-ft


+ Hole Size Inches Range