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Cicada Control Plastic Netting


Protect trees and bushes with ¼" hole opening cicada control netting. The branches of apple trees, arborvitae, ash, beech, berry vines, crab apple, cherry, dogwood, fruit trees, grape vines, hickory, holly, maple, lilacs, magnolia, peach, pear, rose bushes, spirea, and willows are vulnerable. Most flowers, herbs, and vegetables don’t need protection from cicadas.

Cicadas, sometimes mistakenly called locusts, are not harmful to humans but can cause significant damage to young trees and shrubs when egg-laying females burrow into thin branches. Cicada adults are identified by their black bodies and red eyes. Please refer to the University of Kentucky Entomology for more information regarding the Cicada insect.

Disposable plastic netting, made out of polypropylene resin, can prevent insects from laying their eggs in the twigs of small trees and shrubs. This is the perfect application for Cicada prevention!

How to Use Cicada Control Netting Informational Video

Where to Expect the Cicada Outbreak in 2024

Cicada Map 2024There will be a Brood XIX 13-year and Brood XIII 17-year cicada outbreak in 2024. The Brood XIII cicadas appear in the Midwest—mostly centered in Illinois but also stretching into Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa. Brood XIX have been spotted over a much larger geographic area that includes Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. In parts of the Southeast, where Brood XIX cicadas make their home, the insects will likely start to pop up from underground beginning late April. Then, on a rolling basis as conditions warm throughout the Southeast and Midwest, more cicadas will surface through May and June. The mating ritual is a whirlwind, with just weeks for cicadas to find a mate and lay their eggs before they die. The entire process lasts about six weeks. Get your cicada protection netting prior to the start of the outbreak to protect your trees and shrubs!

For installation of cicada netting, drape it over each tree or shrub, securing the net to the trunks. Cable Ties from Industrial Netting are a suitable accessory to be used during installation to make the process simpler for you.

You can also check out our "Cicada Netting Successfully Installed" blog post on a successful Cicada Control Net installation with photos from one of our customers!

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Receive next day shipment from our vast in-stock product inventory - in easy to use package sizes. These packages come in roll widths of 14 feet and roll lengths of 50, 100, or 200-feet for your convenience.

OB5340 - Cicada Control Netting
14' x 50'


OB5340 - Cicada Control Netting
14' x 200'


OB5340 - Cicada Control Netting
14' x 100'