Chemically Etched

Photo Chemical Etched Screens

PhotoChemically Etched Stainless Steel ScreensLooking for precision? Try our photo-chemically machined screens. Ultra-precise Mylar tools are produced on precision plotters using conical light sources for direct etching of a transmittal image onto the screen. Custom shapes, sizes and filters are available in metals such as nickel, stainless steel, and copper.

  • No burrs or rough edges
  • No built in mechanical stresses
  • Base metals are consistent and unaltered

Chemically etched stainless steel screens are key parts of rotary screen applications such as fruit separators, sugar processing, micro electronics, telecommunications, optics, aviation, computers, bio metrics and medical Celerons.

  • 5 levels of hardness are available in all sizes with minimum orders
  • Precision mesh designs are available in stock or by custom order
  • Quality control includes statistical sampling for measurement compliance and 100% visual inspection

Photo Chemically Etched Screens will either have hole profiles labeled A or B. Hole profile A illustrates screens in which are conical, aiding in liquid filtration and back flow cleaning. Hole profile B illustrates screens with straight hole profiles that are etched equally from both sides.