Crushed Car Containment

Crushed Car

Disposable Plastic Car-Go-Net® contains loose parts when transporting scrap metal or crushed cars.

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Dehydration Screens & Trays

Screens & Trays

Easy-to-clean plastic screens and trays made from FDA compliant resin for food contact.

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Filtration Netting & Cores

Netting & Cores

Plastic mesh cores, cages, and flow channel spacers for filter caltridge manufacturers.

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Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Pallet Rack
Safety Netting

Protect people and reduce product damage in warehouses and storage areas.

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Plastic Mesh Sleeves

Plastic Mesh Sleeves

Protect the surface finish of plated, polished or powder-coated parts from abrasion and corrosion.

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Precision Sieves & Metal Mesh

Precision Sieves
& Metal Mesh

Electroformed screens, MicroMesh sieves and chemically etched screens for particle analysis.

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Pest Control & Bird Netting

Pest Control
& Bird Netting

Plastic netting will not rust or rot while keeping birds and nuisance animals at bay.

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Protection Above & Below Water

Protection Above
& Below Water

Plastic Clam netting, bird net and cage netting for fish farmers. UV stabilized for maximum service life.

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