Expanded PTFE

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Mesh

Expanded PTFE Plastic Mesh Dimensions by Industrial NettingExpanded PTFE mesh is suitable for high temperature applications and highly caustic environments. It's also chemically resistant, non-stick, and inherently UV stable (UV radiation passes straight through causing no interactions.) Some other features include:

  • Non toxic
  • Low-friction
  • High anti-adhesiveness
  • High dielectric properties
  • Resin complies with FDA regulations for food contact
  • Suitable for continuous use from -100°C up to 260°C (500°F)

For more material specifications including specific gravity, melting temperature, and certifications click here.

Expanded plastic mesh is produced by slitting plastic sheet stock in a controlled pattern, then stretching or expanding the width to produce the designated nominal aperture (hole) size. Tolerances vary with apertures (hole sizes), weights, thicknesses and widths.

PTFE Mesh is sold by the lineal foot. Have us do the cutting to your custom requirements! Please consult an Industrial Netting representative to determine suitability of these products for your intended use.

PTFE products are stabilized to control open area percentages. As product thickness increases so does the likelihood of shrinkage in applications where temperatures are elevated.

Diamond Mesh Netting will stretch under tension causing the hole shape to elongate in one direction and narrow in the other. This "accordion affect" causes the tensioned dimension to shorten and the perpendicular dimension to grow as material relaxes. Tolerances only apply at time of cutting.

+ Hole Size Inches Range

+ Thickness Range

ET8120 - 0.007" x 0.035" PTFE Mesh


ET8200 - 0.015" x 0.048" PTFE Mesh


ET8300 - 0.032" x 0.06" PTFE Mesh


ET8500 - 0.036" x 0.090" PTFE Mesh


ET8700 - 0.061" x 0.160" PTFE Mesh


ET8900 - 0.145" x 0.360" PTFE Mesh


+ Hole Size Inches Range

+ Thickness Range