Common Installation Practices

RackGuard Installation Ideas

RackGuard is a UV stabilized, polypropylene plastic mesh used to protect people and products. RackGuard provides economical fall protection adjacent to work areas and walkways.

This versatile mesh can be pre-cut into sheets or custom sizes in our factory, or easily trimmed on-site to meet your specific dimensional requirements.

Installation typically requires cable ties and shears or tin snips. Edges of mesh can scratch skin - we recommend work gloves when handling.

RackGuard is easy to install using standard cable ties. The tensile strength of the cable tie is critical to achieve the performance requirements of the installation. We recommended 175-lb cable ties for most applications. Select a cable tie length that easily wraps around the rack or frame.

Simple Installation of Cable Ties! Simple Installation of Cable Ties! Simple Installation of Cable Ties!

Flush with Cross Beams and Uprights

Simple Installation of Cable Ties!
Mounted Flush to Racking
  1. Place the RackGuard roll or sheet on the floor parallel to the section of rack to be covered.
  2. Pull the end of the roll to the top of the rack. For best results, wrap the RackGuard grid around the top beam.
  3. Tie the center and two ends initially in order to hold the grid in place. Pull the grid taut and secure with cable ties.
  4. Continue to install the cable ties at least every 12" working from the top down and pulling the mesh snug as you go.
  5. Once the mesh is completely secured any excess material can be trimmed using a scissors or tin snips. Continue to the next section of rack and repeat the procedure.
  6. If the sides of the grid are unsecured to a post or beam, overlap sections and secure sections together using cable ties. For optimal strength and appearance, RackGuard should be secured at least every 12".

Off-Set from Rack

Netting Secured to Pallet Stops
Mounted to Pallet Stop

Storage racks are designed to have pallets rest on and across the rack beams. RackGuard Safety Netting is typically installed using some kind of offset to prevent pallets from coming into contact with the netting when a pallet overlaps the storage rack beams. This application also prevents boxes or parts from falling off of racks when overlapping occurs keeping a safer warehouse environment. For installation, follow these guidelines:

  • Install eye-bolts through the holes in the uprights of the racking system. This particular installation used 6-inch eye-bolts to provide a 4-1/2 inch off-set from the racking system.
  • String cabling or wire rope (1/4-inch used in this illustration) through the eye-bolt openings. Secure but do not tension that cabling. The wire rope in this illustration was strung along the perimeter of the pallet racks and at pallet level of each shelf.
  • Finally, attach RackGuard Plastic Safety Netting to the cables or wires by using cable ties from Industrial Netting that are produced from resin stabilized against ultraviolet degradation.
Eye-bolts used as an offset attached to Pallet RackCable Ties from Industrial Netting used to connect cabling to RackGuard

Check out the MHI website to view a case study produced by Industrial Netting based on a southern Minnesota factory and distribution center that used eye-bolts as an offset during a simple installation of RackGuard Safety Netting in the case where pallets overlapped rack beams.


  • RackGuard is designed for vertical applications on shelving and racks as a containment net.
  • DO NOT use for horizontal applications such as catch nets or any other form of passive protection.
  • RackGuard is also suitable for end-of-aisle applications, shelf dividers, and lighter duty box applications.
  • RackGuard can be cut to specific sizes at our factory to minimize onsite labor and simplify installation.

Industrial Netting makes no representation, guarantee, or warranty, expressed or implied, for the merchantability which extends beyond the description for the proper use, installation, inspection, and maintenance of this product.

Cable Tie Installation Tool

Easy installation of cable ties up to 24-inch longTighten then cut flush at the cable head with a single device.

Steel construction

Suitable for cable ties up to 24-inch, 175 pound tensile strength.