Deer Netting

Environmentally-friendly Deer and Elk Control Netting

Deer Fence from Industrial Netting protects shrubs from foraging wildlife
Keep foraging deer away from shrubbery
Use plastic netting as a passive restraint to protect shrubs, gardens, and decorative plants from foraging wildlife. Landscape professionals and homeowners alike use our plastic fencing to control deer, rabbits, geese, and other "critters".

Plastic netting can also be used to shield the bark of individual young trees from animal bites and buck rubs using our flexible, polyethylene resin, Tree Bark Protectors available in lengths up to 5-feet tall.

Plastic deer net and tree protectors won't rust like wire would. Our deer fence is made from UV stabilized black polypropylene mesh for maximum service life and provides economical protection for properties of all sizes and is virtually invisible once installed.

Heavy-duty Plastic Deer & Elk Fence

Protect feed storage areas from foraging wildlife
North Dakota Game and Fish Department
uses Elk Fence to protect haystacks from
foraging deer. - courtesy Raymond Parsons
Plastic Deer and Elk Fence provides an environmentally-friendly way to exclude deer, Elk, and other foraging wildlife from hay stacks, feed storage areas, and places of high traffic.

  • made from UV Stabilized polypropylene resin for maximum service life
  • easy to install and will not rust or rot
  • available in roll heights up to 13-feet

Commercial-grade Deer & Elk Fence is too large to ship via UPS.
Visit our Deer Fence page for product options.

Installation Accessories

Polyclips make installation easyPOLYCLIPS make installation of pest control netting easy. Just fold over and snap to form an "instant grommet". No tools required! Polyclips are molded from tough, durable UV resistant polypropylene. Polyclips are designed to capture multiple strands of net. Each Polyclip has 5 small teeth to capture the net and align the opposing sides of the clip, and 2 large clamping teeth to hold the clip together after closing.

Cable Ties secure plastic fencing to uprightsCABLE TIES are made from black UV stabilized nylon resin to provide the longest possible service life. Choose from 3 different sizes and tensile strengths: Light duty 7" long cable ties provide 50# tensile strength. Standard Duty 14" long cable ties provide 120# tensile strength. Heavy-duty 24" long cable ties provide 175# tensile strength.

Receive next day shipment from our vast in-stock product inventory - in easy to use package sizes. These Packages come in Roll Widths of 4 or about 7-feet and Roll Lengths of 50 or 100-feet for your convenience.

Residential Grade Plastic Deer Netting Products

+ Grade

+ Hole Size Inches Range

+ Resin (material)

XV1020 - 1/2" UV Stabilized Deer Netting, 4-ft tall x 50-ft Long


OB2650 - 1" Deer Fencing
12-ft x 50-ft


XV1020 - 1/2" UV Stabilized Deer Netting
4-ft tall x 25-ft Long


+ Grade

+ Hole Size Inches Range

+ Resin (material)