Rabbit Fence

Light-Weight Plastic Rabbit Netting

Easy to Use Rabbit Fencing Products from Industrial Netting!If rabbits or other critters are feasting on your garden and fruits or vegetable crops then we have a solution for you to keep those pests out. Industrial Netting provides you with Plastic Rabbit Fence in which is light-weight and has many beneficial features for you. These features are...

  • Made from UV stabilized black polypropylene plastic resin for extended service life
  • Easy to Install
  • Comes in 1/4-inch hole openings, roll widths of 42-inches, and in roll lengths of 50 or 100 feet
  • Fused joints that will not stretch or pull apart
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and will not conduct electricity

Plast Rabbit Fence from Industrial Netting is an environmentally-friendly, passive deterent that will help protect your shrubs, gardens, and decorative plants from rabbit invasion. Rabbits will not be able to chew through our durable netting or fit through hole openings with the small 1/4-inch hole sizes.

Install Light-weight Plastic Rabbit Fencing by wrapping and attaching the netting around posts of your prefered size that outline the designated area of rabbit exclusion.

Receive next day shipment from our vast in-stock product inventory - in easy to use package sizes. These packages come in roll widths of 42 inches and roll lengths of 50 or 100-feet for your convenience.

OV7822 - 1/4" Rabbit Fence
3-1/2-ft x 100-ft


OV7822 - 1/4" Rabbit Fence
3-1/2-ft x 50-ft