Die Cutting, Sheeting & Slitting Custom Converting Services

Make it easy on yourself and let us do the converting for you! Industrial Netting has the ability to take any plastic mesh roll of your choice and convert it to whatever shape or size you require. Some of these services include Die Cutting, Sheeting and Slitting material.

Industrial Netting can provide highly precise circles or shapes of any size by utilizing our die cutting service. The existing line of equipment includes a high speed beam press which allows us to die cut parts in a range of 45″ to 58″ or circles up to 46″ in diameter. To complement our services we have a smaller die cutter which can provide precision parts as small as 1/2″ in diameter. Ongoing supply is typically completed in a 1 to 2 week time frame allowing you to have the custom parts you need just-in-time to meet your production schedules!

If you need square or rectangular pieces, we can help there too by sheeting materials! Tolerances on our sheeted parts are typically quoted at +/- 0.125″ but may vary slightly based on the hole size, hole configuration and/or thickness of the selected material. Our existing equipment allows us to sheet parts as small as 2″ and pieces up to 60″ wide or 180″ long. Please contact us for further details on the alternatives available for receiving material in an end use configuration that meets your production needs!

Another service option is the slitting of plastic mesh rolls to meet your width needs! These rolls can be slit to widths as narrow as 7/16″. Most orders can be completed in one business day. Tolerances vary based on the hole or mesh size of the net.

Utilize our custom converting services to get plastic mesh or netting the way you want it, when you want it! Please contact us for questions or a custom quote on the service you require!

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