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Nylon Mesh & Screens

Nylon Resin Netting from Industrial NettingPlastic Mesh made from Nylon 6 resin are rated for a heat deflection temperature of 347°F (175°C). Nylon mesh features high temperature resistance, excellent strength and low elongation. Many of our plastic netting products made with Nylon 6 resin are compliant with FDA regulations for food contact.

Choose from a variety of extruded diamond nylon mesh or woven nylon mesh configurations shown below. Extruded plastic netting features an integral joint for maximum dimensional stability. Woven net mesh offers apertures as small as 25 microns with individual strands at right angles to each other.

See our Temperature Guidelines page for all Nylon resin specifications including melting temperature, softening point, heat deflection temperature, and glass transition temperature.

If your application will use netting at ambient temperatures, consider polypropylene or polyethylene mesh. PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) netting is less expensive and available in a wider range of sizes and configurations. Or browse all of our plastic netting solutions to select the mesh that best suits your specified requirements.

Woven Nylon Mesh can be used in Filtration applications for chemical processing and water treatment. It also can be used as a plastic overwrap for around the outer surface of Rigid Mesh Tubes.

Note: Nylon netting from Industrial Netting is available as roll goods or cut to any length that you specify. Want to eliminate costly cutting operations on your plant floor? Our custom converting capabilities include slitting, sheeting or die cutting to meet your unique plastic netting requirements.

+ Open Area Range

+ Open Area Range