Animal Protection

Bird, Cat, Bat, and Deer Netting

UV Stabilized Plastic Fencing for Long LifeUse environmentally friendly plastic Bird Net, Bat Net, Cat Fence, or Deer Net as a passive restraint to protect animals from harm. Our long-lasting plastic netting is also used to construct cages for Newts, Iguanas & Salamanders and to construct houses for Bats.

Plastic netting can be used as a lightweight, environmentally-friendly, deterrent to protect shrubs, gardens, and decorative plants from foraging wildlife like deer, rabbits, geese, and other "critters". Our bird control plastic netting offers a humane method to keep birds away from valuable fruit and vegetable crops without inflicting any trauma.

Plastic fencing from Industrial Netting is durable, strong, and easy to install. Animal Protection nets won't rust or rot and they're...

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Economical
  • Light-weight
  • UV Stabilized for long life
  • Easily cleaned
  • Easily trimmed to size
  • Environmentally friendly

Bat Houses

Bat house mounted on Tree

Plastic netting from Industrial Netting has been recommended in the Bat House Builders Handbook. Bat House Plastic Netting is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-conductive. It is also clean, easily cut to size, and it won't corrode like wire mesh!

Bat Control Plastic Netting also provides a humane method to exclude bats from roosting sites in buildings of all shapes and sizes. Use environmentally friendly Bat Control Net to deter bats without inflicting trauma.

Newt & Salamander Cages

Plastic Netting from Industrial Netting makes non-toxic Salamander Cages
Salamander Cages

Use extruded plastic netting to build cages for Newts, Salamanders, or Iguanas. As iguanas get bigger and stronger, they can rip out their claws on metal mesh or chicken wire. Cage Nets by Industrial Netting have smooth surfaces in which will prevent this from happening to them. These heavy duty plastic nets are extruded from rugged, UV stabilized polyethylene resin for extended service life to safely keep your animals in and predators out!

University of Virginia biologist Kristine Grayson's newt experiment using Industrial Netting cage net was published in the February 2009 edition of Ecology. Photos and descriptions of the enclosures at the Mountain Lake Biological Station can be found on Appendix A of that publication.

Cat Fencing

Are you looking for economical and easy to install plastic netting for your fence in order to protect your cat from escaping? The Feral Cat Coalition offers instructions for cat-proofing an existing chain link fence or wooden privacy fence using our light-weight plastic net.

Our Cat Fence can be part of an effective and humane cat containment system that turns your yard into a secure enclosure. Cats are excellent climbers, but they won't climb on unstable surfaces. We provide an almost-invisible barrier (polypropylene plastic netting) that, if properly installed, will prevent your cat from escaping your yard.

Bird Net

Suspend plastic Bird Net over valuable crops to prevent starlings, blue jays, grackles, or sparrows from raiding your garden. Make them look for another source of food other than your berry patch! You can also use Bird Net over ponds to discourage birds from feeding on your fish. Industrial Netting offers a complete line of plastic predator nets for Aquaculture.

Plastic Bird Net is available in bulk roll form or cut-to-size pieces to meet your specific requirements for installation. Or choose from a multitude of easy-to-handle consumer sized Plastic Garden Netting products for immediate shipment.

Deer Fencing

Deer Netting protects shrubs and plants
Keep foraging deer away from shrubbery

Looking for a durable, environmentally friendly, plastic netting to keep unwanted varmints out of your arborvitae, garden or shrubbery? Black UV stabilized Deer Net is easy to install and virtually invisible from a distance - and it will not rust like wire.

Choose from our selection of versatile, durable, Plastic Fence as a perimeter garden fence used for economical protection of your trees, shrubs, and seedlings from foraging deer, rabbits, cats, geese, and other "critters."

Elk Fencing

Protect hay stacks and silage piles from foraging deer and elk by using Industrial Netting's heavy duty Elk Fence. This Plastic Fencing is also used as a passive deterrent near railroad right-of-ways and other high traffic areas. Heavy-duty Plastic Elk Fence is available in heights up to 13-feet and made from UV stabilized black polypropylene resin to retain tensile strength when exposed to sunlight.

Game Birds

Poultry NettingProtect quail and pheasant from airborne predators with plastic poultry netting from Industrial Netting. This netting is available in widths up to 12-foot with nominal ¾” x 1” openings and 20 lb break loads per strand. UV stabilized polypropylene Plastic Poultry Netting was originally developed as a, light-weight, plastic alternative to chicken wire. Fabricate your own pens and cages with this flexible, light-weight, netting. (Not recommended for northern climates with snow and ice accumulations).

Wild Turkeys

Use plastic mesh from Industrial Netting to prevent depredation of stored crops
Plastic Netting minimizes depredation

Landowners and wildlife agencies use 14-foot wide rolls of our ¼-inch mesh to help prevent wild turkey depredation issues on stored crops. This UV stabilized polypropylene, plastic netting helps protect crops such as grain bales, hay, and silage, as turkeys tend to avoid bales covered with our netting.