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Rack Guard Pallet Rack Safety Netting is easily trimmed on-site with wire cutters or tin snips without losing structural integrity. Buy from stock in master roll sizes shown below - or have us custom cut to your specific size requirements for easy installation.

Our Standard Duty OB1101 and our Heavy Duty OB1200 Rack Guard safety netting products perform well in a wide variety of installations and have been designed to withstand low temperatures (0*F) without any brittleness. We do recommend the use of stainless steel cable ties over the UV stabilized nylon ties for refrigerated/freezing environments. Call us today to speak to a sales representative for ordering stainless steel cable ties.

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Rack Guard Plastic Safety Netting

Protect people and products with Pallet Rack Safety Netting by Industrial Netting

OB1200 Black Heavy Duty Tensile Strength 1300 pounds per foot
OB1610 Ultra Heavy Duty Tensile Strength 1400 pounds per foot
OB1101 Standard Duty Tensile Strength 850 pounds per foot

Light Duty Diamond Mesh Polyethylene Security Barrier

Light Duty Diamond Mesh by Industrial Netting

Keep fingers out off places you don't want them! Create cost effective shelf dividers or security barriers. Security barrier netting comes in master rolls up to 4-feet wide.
XB1132 Security Barrier Tensile Strength 360 pounds per foot

Easy installation of cable ties up to 24-inch long

Installing rack guard with cable ties? This simple tool will both tighten and clip the cable ties flush with the head. Choose UV-stabilized cable ties from Industrial Netting in which are up to 24-inches long with 175# tensile strength for easy installation. Check out our rack guard installation ideas page to view ideas and methods designed to make the installation process easier for you.

Industrial Netting makes no representation, guarantee, or warranty, expressed or implied, for the merchantability which extends beyond the description for the proper use, installation, inspection, and maintenance of this product.

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