Installation Extras

POLYCLIPS make installation of pest control netting easy. Just fold over and snap to form an "instant grommet". No tools required! Polyclips are molded from tough, durable UV resistant polypropylene. Polyclips are designed to capture multiple strands of net. Each Polyclip has 5 small teeth to capture the net and align the opposing sides of the clip, and 2 large clamping teeth to hold the clip together after closing. See our Polyclips video for a demonstration and tips to make installation as simple as possible for you!

CABLE TIES are made from black UV stabilized nylon resin to provide the longest possible service life. Choose from 3 different sizes and tensile strengths:

  • Light duty 7" long cable ties provide 50# tensile strength.
  • Standard Duty 14" long cable ties provide 120# tensile strength.
  • Heavy-duty 24" long cable ties provide 175# tensile strength.

INSTALLATION TOOL makes tightening Cable Ties easy

  • Cuts flush at the cable head with a single device
  • Steel construction for maximum service life
  • Suitable for cable ties up to 24-inch, 175 pound tensile strength

EZ CLIPS make netting installation a snap! Fold these molded PVC clips over two or more strands of netting then snap into place with just your thumb and fingers. This one-way snap fit is a fast, secure and simple way to close seams or to secure netting wrapped around wires and posts.

  • Jumbo EZ Clips are 1/2" wide. Use for netting with hole openings 5/8" or larger.
  • Use Polyclips or Cable Ties for netting with hole openings 1/2" or smaller.
  • Now made from UV stabilized black resin for maximum service life!

BLACK NYLON TWINE makes it easy to "sew/splice" two pieces of net together for wider coverage. Simply overlap the edges of net and weave this coated twine through the openings. UV stabilized black nylon twine helps insure maximum service life.

Black Nylon Splicing Twine


Cable Tie - 14 inch


Cable Tie - 24 inch


Cable Tie - 7 inch


Cable Tie Installation Tool


EZ Clip - Bag of 100 Clips


Polyclip Instant Grommet


Polyclip Instant Grommet