Using Car-Go-Net

Securing Loads with Car-Go-Net® Plastic Containment Netting

Car-Go-Net® can be used to:

  • wrap individual stacks of crushed cars before loading those bundles on trailers
  • or full trailers of crushed cars after the flat bed trailer is loaded
  • or as a disposable tarp over the top of a gondola or dump trailer

Here are some methods we've seen scrap yards and haulers use to comply with CSA2010 transportation regulation FMCSR 393.132.

Note: Be sure to wrap the entire load to prevent any loose parts from falling off in transit. On flatbed trailers, a minimum of 4 tie-downs are required per vehicle stack.

Wrapping Stacks

A. Use a 17 foot roll to wrap horizontally over the stack. The 17 foot wide material will cover the top and drape over the sides of the stack. Gather the corners and secure with Cable Ties or EZ Clips.

B. Use either a 56 or 84 inch roll to wrap around the circumference of the stack in pallet wrap style.

wrapping stacks horizontally and vertically

Wrapping Trailers

C. On the trailer, first wrap stacks horizontally with a 17 foot roll. The repeat wrap on the second lay of stacks to "blanket" the load.

D.Use a 14 foot roll to wrap all stacks on the trailer in pallet wrap style. Then secure netting seams with Cable Ties or EZ Clips.

wrapping trailers horizontally and vertically

Covering Open Top Containers

Pull 10 foot or 14 foot wide Car-Go-Net® plastic containment netting over the top of the container to contain loose debris during transit. Secure the netting with cable ties, chains or straps. Use Car-Go-Net® plastic containment netting as a one way disposable tarp to eliminate labor and maintenance.

Important Compliance Information: In order for Car-Go-Net® plastic containment netting to comply with regulation 393.132 for securing flat or crushed vehicles the product must be installed in the following manner.

  1. The netting must extend to the height of the cargo and prevent loose parts from falling from all four sides of the vehicle.
  2. The netting must be secured to the deck of the trailer to prevent loose parts that have fallen to the deck to work their way under the netting and off the load.
  3. The synthetic mesh or netting must have openings that are not larger than the smallest loose parts.

*Compliance with item #3 can be determined by looking through the mesh for loose parts that have fallen from the load. If these parts are not smaller than the openings in the plastic mesh then compliance with item #3 has been achieved.

*A containment mesh may have an opening caused by cutting or tearing of the material. This can be repaired by the hauler with use of poly-clips or cable ties available through Industrial Netting.

EZ Clips

Using Car-Go-Net®plastic containment netting is a snap! EZ Clips are ½" wide so they easily fit thru the holes of our ¾" mesh Car-Go-Net®. Fold these molded PVC clips over two or more strands of our ¾" mesh then snap into place with just your thumb and fingers. This one-way snap fit is a fast, secure and simple way to close seams or to secure Car-Go-Net® plastic containment netting around bundles or over loads. Use Polyclips or cable ties for ¼" mesh Car-Go-Net® containment netting.

Installation of EZ Clips EZ Clips holding netting together Installation of EZ Clips

(Illustrations - Capture 2 or more strands / Snap with thumb and fingers / Clip is locked together)