Agricultural Netting

Plastic Netting to Protect and Ship Your Trees & Shrubs

Open mesh plastic netting can help protect your horticulture stock from nuisance animals and foraging wildlife. Plastic netting can also be used to help contain mulch or compost. The breathable open mesh structure allows air flow while preventing moisture and mildew buid-up. Plastic mesh lets water and light reach plants with plenty of air circulation, while providing inexpensive protection for your valuable nursery stock.

Many of our products are manufactured with additives that stabilize and protect plastic against Ultra Violet (UV) degradation to allow for extended use outdoors. Products with this UV stabilizer are black in color. The use of this black colorant increases service life while decreasing the visibility of the netting from a distance -- a benefit in many outdoor applications.

Commercial Grade Tree Protectors

Plastic Netting protects saplings from foraging wildlife

Tree protectors can shield young trees from antler scrapes, foraging wildlife, and mechanical equipment.

Open mesh tree shields prevent moisture build-up and allow plenty of air circulation for tree oxygen.

They also will not harbor insects and animals or inhibit tree growth.

Tree Guard Protectors are available in 5 convenient sizes.