Micro-Mesh Sieves

Precision Micro-Mesh® Sieves

Electroformed Sieves for precise sizing in laboratory and manufacturing applicationMicro-Mesh® sieves are custom-produced from electroformed mesh material and assembled in a variety of standard diameter frames to meet your powder or particle separation needs. The precise apertures are used to sort, sift, screen and classify a variety of materials to determine particle size and shape. The flat, smooth surface of the Micro-Mesh® sieve simplifies cleaning and minimizes clogging and particulate entrapment, helping to ensure product quality in both laboratory and manufacturing applications within the powder industry.

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Nickel Micro-Mesh sieves are available in square, round, slotted and custom apertures, approximately .001" thick, with mesh sizes starting from 2 microns. The sieve mesh can be supported or unsupported. The stainless steel support grid is available in 2.5 lines per inch, 5 lines per inch, and 14 lines per inch configurations.

Frames are offered in a variety of stainless steel and acrylic, including metric sizes. Use our simple on-line request form to request a Sieve Quote.

Standard Sieves Ultra Sieves
2 um to 2000 um 2 um to 500 um
+/- 2 um tolerance +/-1 um tolerance
ASTM E-161 ISO 3310-3 ASTM E-161 ISO 3310-1
Rim Diameter Rim Height Rim Diameter Rim Height
3-inch 1" or 3" 3-inch 1" or 3"
6-inch 1.5"
8-inch 1" or 2" 8-inch 1" or 2"
12-inch 2"
75 mm 25 mm 75 mm 25 mm
200 mm 50 mm 200 mm 50 mm
3" (Acrylic) 1" or 3" 3" (Acrylic) 1" or 3"

Support Grid Suggestions

If > 1000 micron, 2.5 lines per inch grid
If > 20 micron but < 1000 micron, 5 lines per inch grid
If < 20 microns, 14 lines per inch grid

Pans, Covers and Nesting Pans

Industrial Netting offers Stackable micro-mesh sieves for precision micron sizingUsing your sieves for sequential particle sizing? Micro-Mesh sieves are available with matching pans, covers, and nesting pans for complete classification systems. These accessories are made from stainless steel, as are the sieve frames. Pans and covers are offered as a set, while nesting pans are offered separately.

Sieve Certifications

Micro-Mesh sieves comply with ISO specifications 3310-3 and 3310-1 and ASTM specifications E-161-00. Each sieve is measured at 108 random locations using automated optical measuring equipment and comes with a complete detailed analysis and certificate of compliance.

Need Custom Sieve Material?

Micro-Mesh sieve material can be provided unmounted in sheets from 3" square up to 12" square. Custom produced from 3 micron to 2000 micron in single micron increments in square, round, slotted and hexagonal apertures. Micro-Mesh sieve material is made from nickel under the same specifications mentioned above. Unmounted sieve materials come with a 5 lines per inch support grid, unless otherwise specified.

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These are Standard sieves with a tolerance of +/- 2 microns.