RackGuard Safety Netting for Elevated Work Platforms (Mezzanines)

Elevated Work Platforms – sometimes called Mezzanines – can be a hazard to warehouse workers below. Provide safety on your facilities work platforms by attaching plastic netting to guard rails, forming a safety barrier.

Industrial Netting is a founding member of The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA). OSHA Fall Protection standard 1926.502 requires paneling or screening for anywhere there are tools, equipment, or material that are piled higher than the top edge of a toe board or kick plate. Adding protection is financially prudent. Plastic Mezzanine Safety Netting from Industrial Netting is a simple, cost effective, solution for protecting employees below from loose objects that may fall or be kicked off of elevated work platforms.

Plastic Safety Netting can be easily attached to work platform guard rails using zip ties, then forming a protective safety barrier where needed. Watch this video provided by ProGMA regarding proper safeguarding for elevated Work Platforms.

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