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Come See Industrial Netting at AAMP Convention!

The American Convention of Meat Processors will be held in person on July 15th, 2021 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This convention is geared toward U.S., Canadian and foreign operators of small firms in the meat, poultry and food Industry. These small businesses include packers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, caterers, deli operators, home food service dealers and catalog marketers.

Industrial Netting will be located at booth #511. Come visit us to see our wide array of rack liner and dehydration netting products. Industrial Netting offers polypropylene plastic netting as drying screens, trays, sheets, or rack liners for meat, jerky, fruits nuts, pet treats, cannabis and more!

Dehydration netting tray for processing foods!

We also offer FDA approved injection molded trays at 21” wide x 42” long. You can select from any of our dehydration netting products to be inserted into the tray to fit your processing requirements.

Industrial Netting can’t wait to finally see you in person once again.  We will be located at booth #511 to answer any questions you may have or to provide you with product samples.

See you soon!

Come Visit Industrial Netting at the AAMP Convention, 2021!

The Cicadas have Arrived!

Get Prepared for the largest Cicada Outbreak in 17 Years!

After 17 years of living underground, the Brood X Cicadas are now emerging in 15 states! Be ready to hear bugs singing for 5 to 6 weeks in the states of Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C.

It is so important for your trees and shrubs to be protected throughout the emergence. Once the Cicadas emerge they are going to head straight for high ground and away from predators. Unfortunately, this high ground is your trees! Once they reach the trees, male and female Cicadas will mate. After mating, the trillions of female Cicadas move to the smaller branches of trees and lay their eggs within them causing significant damage. Once this process is over the Cicadas fall from the trees and weeks later the baby cicadas hatch and burrow back under the ground for another 17 years. What a process!

This article from the Star Tribune, “Nature at its craziest: Trillions of cicadas about to emerge” outlines what to expect during the largest emergence in 17 years.

How Industrial Netting Can Help

If you are amongst the people who live in the states of emergence don’t be afraid – it is not too late to get your Cicada Control Netting from Industrial Netting to protect your trees! Our Netting ships after 24 hours and can be ordered online for your convenience. You can contact us with any questions.

Our Cicada Netting has 1/4″ hole openings not allowing cicadas to get through to your trees. We also provide heavy duty 7″, 14″ or 24″ cable ties for attaching the netting to trees.

Watch this video to learn all about our netting and how it can help you during this emergence!

Good luck and have fun listening to the fun songs of Cicadas this spring!

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How to Protect Trees and Shrubs During the 17-Year Cicada Outbreak this Spring

This spring you can expect the largest Cicada Outbreak in 17 years throughout the months of May through June. This emergence of Brood X, 17-year cicadas leaves young trees vulnerable to damage. Once the ground level reaches 64 degrees F, the Cicadas will emerge searching for trees and shrubs to latch onto and lay their eggs beneath the bark of twigs and branches. The egg laying process has the potential to cause significant damage to young trees to the point that they can die.

Watch this video for installation instructions and to learn how Cicada Control Netting from Industrial Netting can protect your property during the largest outbreak in 17-years.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to request samples. If you are ready to order call us at 1-800-328-8456 or view our Cicada Netting products that are available for purchase and next day shipment online.

Industrial Netting is here to help keep your young trees and shrubs safe this year!

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Large 2021 Cicada Outbreak Coming – Protect your Trees!

Another year, another emergence! In the spring of 2021, throughout the months of May through June, you can expect a large emergence of Brood X 17-year cicadas. The emergence will typically begin when the soil 8” beneath the ground reaches 64 degrees F, usually after a warm rainfall and once the trees have leaves.

You can expect this large outbreak in the states of Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Map of 2021 cicada outbreak locations

Cicadas are not harmful to humans but can cause significant damage to trees and shrubs when egg-laying females burrow into thin branches. We have the best solution for you to protect your trees, bushes and shrubs – Cicada Control Netting! Our Cicada Netting page lays out our prevention products. Our netting comes in ¼” hole openings and in rolls of 14′ wide by 50’, 100’ and 200’ long. Below is an example of how one of our customers used our netting to protect their trees throughout the 2020 outbreak! Installation is as simple as wrapping or draping your netting around the area you would like to protect. Simply use zip ties to secure the netting together! Industrial Netting provides high quality zip ties available to purchase online for your convenience.

Industrial Netting's Cicada Control Netting in use

You can visit our Cicada Netting page to order or contact us if you would like other sizes or to see samples before purchasing. We are here to answer any of your questions! Industrial Netting offers next day shipment in easy to use package sizes but we recommend getting your netting early enough to install prior to the outbreak beginning.

Everyone in the areas of emergence – keep your gardens and trees protected this spring! Industrial Netting would love to work with you to make this happen!

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Die Cutting, Sheeting & Slitting Custom Converting Services

Make it easy on yourself and let us do the converting for you! Industrial Netting has the ability to take any plastic mesh roll of your choice and convert it to whatever shape or size you require. Some of these services include Die Cutting, Sheeting and Slitting material.

Read more ›

Sonic Welding and Heat Sealing Custom Converting Services

Industrial Netting takes pride in its ability to create the best product for you. When it comes to Rigid Mesh Tubes and Protective Netting Sleeves, we have custom converting services available to convert these products into the shape, form or size required for your application needs.

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NEW Cannabis and Hemp Processing Netting Products!

Introducing our new Cannabis and Hemp processing mesh products!

Industrial Netting provides Food Grade Commercial Drying Netting for Cannabis / hemp growing systems for medicinal and recreational purposes. Our indoor grower support netting products for Marijuana are BPA free and fully comply with FDA regulations. Use these products for providing proper air circulation and light during the drying/curing process as a tray liner / shelf liner or as a Trellis Net. Plastic netting can be used for drying CBD hemp flower, Cannabis buds, or other herbs. Read more ›

5 Hacks for a More Eco-Friendly Garden

Want to make your garden even more green? There are a number of different ways you can make your garden more environmentally friendly, whether it’s big or small and no matter what your level of experience, there is plenty that you can do to make a difference, and your local wildlife will certainly thank you for it! Read more ›

Role of Plastic Netting in the Filtration Industry

Role of Plastic Netting

The role of plastic netting in the filtration industry is not singular. The wide variety of filtration and separation systems and media results in a wide range of uses and functions for plastic netting. The major functions of plastic netting in filtration can broadly be categorized as 1). Facilitating the flow of fluids, 2). Supporting, 3). Protecting, 4). Reinforcing, and 5) Filtering. Read more ›

Product Characteristics of Square and Diamond Mesh

Joint Structure

Although both diamond netting and square netting are extruded, the processes used to produce the products result in quite different product characteristics, which may be important in some applications. Diamond netting is produced with the strands in each direction overlaying each other. The joint structure of the product can be described as a strand over another strand. The overall thickness of the product will essentially be twice the thickness of each strand, although there may be some melding of the strands at the joint. Normally, the strands in each direction are produced uniformly, and the product looks the same from one side of the material as the other. This type of netting is marketed as “bi-planar”, as both sides are structurally the same, the strands forming a plane or channel along the net. Read more ›