Installing RackGuard Plastic Safety Netting Using Eye-bolts

Storage racks are designed to have pallets rest on and across the RackGuard installed using eye-bolts, cables, and cable ties rack beams.  Safety Netting is typically installed using some kind of offset to keep pallets from coming into contact with the netting when a pallet overlaps the storage rack beams.

See how a southern Minnesota factory installed RackGuard Pallet Rack Safety Netting using off-the-shelf eye-bolts and cabling to create a safer warehouse environment. The steps and photos below illustrate a simple and successful off-set installation of safety netting that fits virtually any pallet rack system. 

In order to complete the installation you will need RackGuard plastic netting, eye-bolts, cabling, and cable ties. Here are the simple steps they used…

  • Install eye-bolts through the holes in the uprights of the racking system. This particular installation used 6-inch eye-bolts to provide a 4-1/2 inch off-set from the racking system.
  • String cabling or wire rope (1/4-inch used in this illustration) through the eye-bolt openings. Secure but do not tension that cabling. The wire rope in this illustration was strung along the perimeter of the pallet racks and at pallet level of each shelf.
  • Finally, attach RackGuard Plastic Safety Netting to the cables or wires by using cable ties from Industrial Netting that are produced from resin stabilized against ultraviolet degradation.

Cable Ties Connecting Cables to RackGuard NettingEye-Bolts attached to Pallet Rack

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