How to get fresh fruits and vegetables all winter long

Dehydrating foods inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts and mold through the removal of water.  Many foods can be dehydrated – meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs.  The process of drying these foods can be done with electrical dehydrators or sun drying.DehydratorFrameMesh

Industrial Netting has a wide variety of mesh products that can be used for your dehydration applications.  These products are made from FDA compliant resins and form an ideal tray or rack liner.  We have a wide variety of mesh sizes and thicknesses that can be selected to provide the best air circulation.

Many small scale dehydrators do not require vast amounts of material for their use.  For this reason Industrial Netting is pleased to advise that our minimum order is small enough to accommodate a home processor.  If your application requires higher volume processing we can arrange to precision slit or die cut our products in advance of shipment to meet your exact end use configurations.

If your application is for sun drying then you will also want to consider using one of our Pest Control nets for covering your foods to keep the birds from feasting on your harvest!

In addition to supplying the mesh for the dehydration applications Industrial Netting has also designed a plastic frame that can be used to support any of our mesh products.  Currently this frame is available only at 21″ wide x 42″ long.  It is made from a glass filled nylon capable of withstanding temperatures up to 250º F

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