Protect Trees & Shrubs from Foraging Animals

Tree protectorsYoung trees and ornamental gardens add beauty and value to any property – but they can also be a magnet for foraging animals during our long winters.  Gnaw marks, scrapes and nicks become ugly scars that expose trees and shrubs to disease, insects and other pests.

Now there is an easy, inexpensive way to fight back!  Plastic netting can be used to create a lightweight, environmentally-friendly deterrent to protect shrubs, gardens and decorative plants from foraging wildlife like deer, rabbits, and other “critters”.  Breathable plastic mesh lets water and light reach plants while allowing plenty of air circulation.  And it’s easy to install using nylon zip ties.

A heavier version made from polyethylene mesh tubes fits around the trunks of saplings to form a breathable protective wrap. These tough plastic tree wraps keep animals from feeding and rubbing on tree bark, and shield the bark from lawn care equipment.

Breathable protective netting prevents moisture and mildew build-up while allowing plenty of air circulation.  Unlike plastic pipe and film wraps, these open mesh tree shields do not harbor insects and won’t inhibit growth.

Plastic netting and fencing won’t rust or rot.  It’s non-toxic, non-corrosive and won’t conduct electricity.

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