Protecting Your People … And Your Wallet

Protect Your People . . . MODEX SeminarProtecting your most important assets from costly injuries and damage should be a priority for warehouse and distribution facilities managers everywhere. But identifying those risks then finding the most suitable protection isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) can help. That MHI-sponsored group of fixed guarding manufacturers has created a Protective Guarding Checklist to help facility managers identify common hazards and solutions where guarding is needed.

If you’re attending MODEX 2016 join us Monday afternoon, April 5 for a virtual tour of warehouse hazards and solutions.  ProGMA will present an educational seminar at 3PM in Theatre G –  “Protect Your People . . . And Your Wallet:  Safety and Guarding Solutions for the Industrial Facility”.

Don’t let home made solutions create the mere illusion of safety.  The products manufactured by members of ProGMA are designed to ensure that performance meets rigorous application requirements.

Industrial Netting is a founding member of ProGMA.  Each of its RackGuard pallet rack safety products are rated for tensile strength. When properly installed they create a vertical containment wall to prevent loose parts or boxes from falling into walkways or work areas.

“ProGMA products . . . Safer by design”

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