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  • New Year, New Safety

    Have you ever taken a look around your warehouse facility?  Specifically the areas where your employees work or the traffic areas they walk in?  Are the products that you store secure in your racks?  Are your fork truck drivers able to safely place and remove product without causing it to go off the back side of the racks?

    rackprodRackGuard Safety Netting from Industrial Netting can help you protect your people and your products by forming a durable, vertical wall to contain the boxes, pallets and other products stored in your racking systems.

    The integral joint structure of this mesh creates a barrier that will not sag or stretch; it will not unravel if a strand is cut.  It is an economical way for you to improve safety, prevent falls between back-to-back racks and protect traffic areas and workstations.

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  • Plastic Netting 101

    Square MeshThe Extrusion Process

    Extrusion is a continuous process, in which plastic resin pellets are melted and pushed through a die in "meat-grinder" fashion.   Strands are formed as resin exits the die.  The hot matrix is then drawn over a mandrel and into a water bath to cool the netting.

    Types of Plastic Netting

    There are fundamentally two different kinds of extruded plastic netting differentiated by strand structure and the hole configuration formed by those strands: diamond netting and square netting.  Each is created through unique processes that result in distinct product characteristics.   Both types of products are produced in a wide range of configurations, ranging from fine "filtration-grade" netting that would resemble a woven product, to more course extrusion typical of plastic construction fence.

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  • Replacing Metal with Plastic Mesh Yields Many Advantages

    Mesh Cores & Cages for Filter ElementsA hallmark of any successful manufacturing company is the constant pursuit of advantages and efficiencies in its processes and products. Buzzwords like “streamlining” or “continuous improvement” can sometimes be dismissed as business jargon, but meaningful changes that can favorably impact efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, costs are constantly at a premium. Those that can effectively impact these areas differentiate themselves from their competition and are more profitable.

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  • How to get fresh fruits and vegetables all winter long

    Dehydrating foods inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts and mold through the removal of water.  Many foods can be dehydrated – meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs.  The process of drying these foods can be done with electrical dehydrators or sun drying.DehydratorFrameMesh

    Industrial Netting has a wide variety of mesh products that can be used for your dehydration applications.  These products are made from FDA compliant resins and form an ideal tray or rack liner.  We have a wide variety of mesh sizes and thicknesses that can be selected to provide the best air circulation.

    Many small scale dehydrators do not require vast amounts of material for their use.  For this reason Industrial Netting is pleased to advise that our minimum order is small enough to accommodate a home processor.  If your application requires higher volume processing we can arrange to precision slit or die cut our products in advance of shipment to meet your exact end use configurations.

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  • Protect Trees & Shrubs from Foraging Animals

    Tree protectorsYoung trees and ornamental gardens add beauty and value to any property – but they can also be a magnet for foraging animals during our long winters.  Gnaw marks, scrapes and nicks become ugly scars that expose trees and shrubs to disease, insects and other pests.

    Now there is an easy, inexpensive way to fight back!  Plastic netting can be used to create a lightweight, environmentally-friendly deterrent to protect shrubs, gardens and decorative plants from foraging wildlife like deer, rabbits, and other "critters".  Breathable plastic mesh lets water and light reach plants while allowing plenty of air circulation.  And it’s easy to install using nylon zip ties.

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