Parts Protection Sleeves

Parts Protection Sleeves are color coded for easy identification

Common applications for breathable plastic mesh sleeves could be to protect plated, polished, or powder-coated parts from chipping and abrasion. Sleeves are reusable, breathable, and color-coded based on the different product sizes. This color coding makes it easier for you to distinguish between different product sizes.

There are three types of product grades:

Standard duty Sleeves provide the least amount of thickness whereas Super Duty Sleeves are a little bit thicker, and Workgrade Sleeves provide the most thickness and extra protection. All of our breathable plastic mesh sleeves also have the option, upon request, to be heat sealed on one of the ends to form a bag or plastic pocket. Sleeves are also available in roll form or custom cut to specific lengths.

If you are seeking maximum protection for your valuables, Industrial Nettings’ breathable plastic mesh sleeves are going to be the product for you!

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