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  • Heavy-Walled Plastic Cores for High-Pressure Applications

    Mesh Cores & Cages for Filter ElementsIndustrial Netting produces extruded polypropylene tubes that are typically used as center core supports or outer cages for cartridge filters. We have nearly 100 configurations of diameter, wall thickness and open area, including several options with thicknesses greater than 0.20” for high-pressure environments.

    Most cores are made from polypropylene resin that complies with FDA regulations for food contact. Polypropylene also holds excellent chemical and temperature resistance, so it works well in most any air, liquid or gas separation and filtration application.

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    Next week (Feb 22-26) kicks off Aquaculture 2016 at the Paris Hotel & Convention Center is Las Vegas!  Are you ready?

    This event is the largest aquaculture show in the world with over 4000 attendees and 200 exhibitors. Only at this show will you learn about the latest in Aquaculture, see the newest in technology and have a great time, too!  Industrial Netting will be in booth 427 and we would love to meet with you personally to discuss your Aquaculture netting needs.  We will have hand samples of our Cage Netting products along with samples of our Predator Netting.

    The Treasure Hunt this year is for a complimentary trip to San Antonio for the 2017 Aquaculture show.  Stop by our booth to have your card stamped!

  • PTFE Netting for Extreme Environments

    ET8900Expanded PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) mesh is an excellent option for environments where other resins will fail. Whether facing extreme temperatures or highly caustic applications, PTFE provides superb chemical and temperature resistance.  Among the many advantages PTFE can provide are:

    • Suitable for use from -100°C (-148°F) up to 260°C (500°F)
    • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance
    • Non-toxic and inherently UV stable (UV radiation passes straight through causing no interactions).
    • Low-friction, high anti-adhesiveness
    • High dielectric properties
    • Made from resin that complies with FDA regulations for food contact

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  • “GREEN” Bin Liners/Parts Separators

    Are you still using cardboard as your solution to lining bins or separating parts during your production process?  That material is absorbent so before you know it it is looking greasy and probably feeling very soft and unprotective.


    Industrial Netting has a solution – plastic netting!  The open mesh construction allows air and fluids to flow freely.  As an added bonus – the material is washable and reusable!


    Many companies use this type of “green” netting for bin liners, tote liners, basket dividers and pallet liners.  By allowing fluids to flow freely it is also ideally suited for applications that require dipping or washing.

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