OB5340 - Cicada Control Netting 14' x 50'

OB5340 - Cicada Control Netting 14' x 50'

SKU: OB5340-168x50



Product Description

Black Netting with 1/4" openings

  • Coverage Area: Unfolds to 14 feet x 50 feet
  • Trim to size with blade or scissors and secure with cable ties.
  • Easily wraps around tree branches or shrubs providing protection from Cicadas.

Check out our "Cicada Netting Successfully Installed" blog post on a successful Cicada Control Net installation with photos from one of our customers!

Nominal Specifications

Color: Black

Hole Size (in): 1/4 x 1/4

Hole Size (mm): 6 x 6

PMSF (lbs/1000 sq ft): 4

Resin (material): Polypropylene

Roll Length (ft): 50

Roll Width (in): 168

Strand Per Inch: 4 x 4

Available Configurations