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Guard against abrasion, chipping and corrosion of valuable parts with form-fit protective mesh sleeves. Flexible plastic mesh sleeves protect part surfaces and reduce damage. Ideal for irregular shapes & surfaces. Elastic tubular netting makes wrapping valuable plated, polished or powder-coated parts easy and convenient.
  • In-stock for immediate shipment
  • Color-coded by size for easy identification
  • Buy UPS-able rolls or cartons
  • Ask us for custom cut lengths to your specifications
Play Parts Protection Video
Parts Protection Video
Choose From Any of 3 Grades:

Standard Duty Netguard Standard Duty NetGuard™ tubular netting sleeves
  • Protects individual parts from scratches and damage
  • Made from low-density polyethylene to provide low-cost cushioning
  • Diamond structure allows mesh to conform to irregular-shaped parts
  • Choose from 8 sizes color coded for easy identification
  • Buy full rolls or ask us for a quote on custom cut lengths
Workgrade Sleeves Workgrade Vexar® tubular netting sleeves
  • Extra protection for parts with corners and sharp edges.
  • Individual strands are much thicker and more closely spaced
  • Provides a sleeve that is sturdier but less elastic
  • Choose from 11 sizes color coded for easy identification
  • Buy full rolls or ask us for a quote on custom cut lengths
Super Duty Sleeves Super Duty Vexar® tubular netting sleeves
  • Greater elasticity and closer strand spacing
  • Provides most versatility coverage of irregular shaped parts.
  • Easy on-line ordering.
  • Choose from 9 sizes color coded for easy identification
  • Buy full rolls or ask us for a quote on custom cut lengths

Our protective mesh sleeves are manufactured from a special blend of resins to provide "soft" elastic cushioning characteristics to protect the part surfaces from chipping and abrasion during handling and transport. These expandable sleeves are not braided or woven and feature an integral joint structure for maximum stability and elasticity.

Spring Silencers
Heat seal plastic protective sleeves to form bags or pockets Vexar® tubular netting sleeves are ideal for noise abatement. Spring silencers reduce resonance from metal to metal contact in compression springs, seating applications and locking rod door assemblies.

Heat Sealed Bags
NetGuard and Vexar® sleeves can be cut to your custom length and sealed at one end to form a bag or plastic pocket.

Custom lengths and diameters can be used for temporary packaging during washing or processing. Or provide extra protection as part of your final packaging of high value parts.

Applications - 1001 Uses
  • Parts protection
  • Drill bit safety sleeves
  • Thread guards
  • Spring silencers
  • Parts separators
  • Filter core sleeves
  • Pipe wrap
  • Chain protection
  • Tool protection
  • Vibration sleeves
  • Cable protection
  • Collet sleeves
  • End mill protection
  • Live tool protection
  • Glass wrap
  • Bearing protection
  • Piston sleeves
  • Finger sleeves
  • Shaft protection
  • Protective packaging
  • Wine bottle sleeves
  • Gas cylinder sleeves
  • Chrome parts protection
  • Painted parts protection
  • Plated parts protection
  • Cosmoline replacement
  • Spline shaft protection
  • Precision parts protection
  • Machined parts protection
NetGuard conforms to irregular parts in a variety of sizes
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ISO 9001 Certified

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