Heat Sealing Sleeves

Heat Sealed Plastic Sleeves & Pouches

Sonic Welding and Heat Sealing

Industrial Netting is your source for custom configurations of our Parts Protection Sleeves or other flat plastic mesh products.

Protect and package in bags or pouches with heat sealed sleeves from Industrial Netting
Heat sealed sleeves in a
vareity of colors and sizes

Parts Protection Sleeves are sold in full box length configurations. Industrial Netting can take these boxes, cut the material to specific lengths and pinch weld one end of the sleeve to form a heat sealed bag or pocket. The pinch welding process bonds one end of plastic mesh sleeves to allow you to protect and showcase your products with our unique colors, configurations and sizes of breathable plastic mesh. Choose from a variety of NetGuard or Vexar® sleeve diameters and colors for a unique solution to your packaging requirements.

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For flat diamond or square plastic mesh products, Industrial Netting is able to sheet or die cut material stocked in Master roll form. As a secondary step we then use a method of sonic welding to bond the edges of two custom cut pieces to form a three sided pouch. This allows you to simply fill the pouch on-site and seal the remaining open end. We would be pleased to assist you with a quote for custom configurations of any of our products. Simply reach out to us for additional information.