Metal Mesh Screens, Filters, & Sieves

Industrial Netting offers a wide variety of metal mesh products manufactured using distinctly different processes to produce various performance advantages for virtually any application.

Electroformed Screens:  Suitable for many applications where precision and versatility are at a premium.  Available in a number of configurations in nickel, copper or gold.  The unique attributes of each element, coupled with universal consistency and tight tolerances, are ideal for uses in light, air, sound or matter filtration.

Micro-Mesh® Electroformed Sieves: Precise opening with tight tolerances for particle analysis, measurement and separation.  Durable nickel sieves are long lasting with both Standard and Ultra tolerances suitable for most any precision-sensitive area or application.  The flat, smooth surface that simplifies cleaning and minimizes particulate entrapment is particularly favored in power industry applications.

Chemically Etched Screens: Manufactured via photo etching / photo chemical milling, these burr-free stainless steel screens feature precise control of hole placement and size tolerance, as well as greater dimensional stability than conventional woven wire mesh.  This makes etched screens ideal for applications with high cleaning frequency or mechanical contact.

Precision Etched Pin Holes: Are used in a wide variety of applications including leak detection / testing, calibration and research.

Metal Mesh Brochure Metal Mesh Brochure downloadable as a PDF.