Work Grade

Workgrade Vexar® Plastic Mesh Sleeves

Workgrade Vexar Sleeve for optimal strength

  • Extra protection for parts with corners and sharp edges
  • Individual strands are thicker and more closely spaced
  • Provides a protective sleeve that is sturdier, but less elastic
  • Choose from 11 sizes - color coded for easy identification

Our thickest, sturdiest poly net protective sleeves, with additional strands and closer spacing. Although not as elastic as Standard or SuperDuty sleeves, Workgrade sleeves provide extra thick protection for individual parts. Workgrade Sleeves are reusable and can eliminate the need for other expensive and time consuming protective wrappings like bubble wrap, styrofoam, cardboard, paper or wood.

Order in full rolls or cut-to-length pieces

+ Color

+ FDA Compliance

+ Diameter Range

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