Nylon Rack Guard Installation

Tools Needed

Any company-required personal protection equipment, scissors.

Before You Begin

Lay out the nets and supplied tie wraps to be used in the installation. Ensure all nets and parts are present prior to beginning the installation. Nets will have a tag showing the size.

Installing the Net

Always begin at the top of an outside rack upright. Attach the rope border of the net to the rack frame using the provided tie wraps.

Attach the top corners on both sides. Fully tighten each tie and clip off the “tail” about 1 inch from the clasp. (See Figure 1.)

Next attach the bottom corners on both sides. (See Figure 2.)

Count meshes to find the center of the net’s top rope binding and attach it to the rack frame. Then do the same with the bottom and sides of the net.

Place another tie wrap halfway between the mid-point and corner on each side. Note: If you connect from one side only during the installation, you may end up with too much or too little material on the other end.

Continue "halving the distance” until the net is attached to the rack frame every 12" along all 4 sides of the net. (See Figure 3.)

Repeat for each panel until all provided nets are attached to the rack.