Plastic Mesh Tubing

Expand your containment and protection possibilities with fabricated plastic mesh tubing from Industrial Netting. Watch our video to learn all you need to know about fabricated tubes!

Industrial Netting provides Mesh Tubes Fabricated to Custom Sizes from Plastic Netting

We fabricate plastic mesh tubes from a variety of resin bases using this proprietary "forming" process. Industrial Netting has the unique capability to form tubes from flat or roll form netting. In our proprietary process, netting is formed and sealed to form a broad range of tube possibilities - from fine meshes to heavier, rigid, and more open forms.

Need a strong core to support lighter-weight fabric or mesh surfaces?  We wrap light-weight plastic mesh, spun bond, or nonwoven fabrics over rigid plastic mesh tubing using this same fabricating process to create a permanent bond between the core and the filter membrane.

Available in a wide range of diameters, weights, and mesh sizes - contact us now to talk to one of our experts.