MicroMesh® Screens

Electroformed Micromesh has precise openings and a smooth finish with low surface tensionElectroformed micromesh features very small hole diameters with precise tolerances. The electroforming process results in a smooth almost mirror like surface, which cleans well and reduces particulate entrapment. Electroformed mesh sets the standard for the precision mesh offering superior aperture, size, consistency, geometry, capability and low defect rates.

  • Screen apertures as small as 8-microns
  • Plus or minus 2-micron tolerance
  • Very thin material (4 - 5 microns thick)
  • Repeatability of aperture dimensions and location
  • Shape and smoothness of aperture walls
  • Smooth finish and low surface tension
  • Absolute planarity with the surface

Choose from screens produced in nickel, copper, or gold.  Our electroform mesh can be custom configured for specific hole size, thickness and also manufactured with borders for filtration applications.  Sieves configured from Micromesh are also available in stainless steel containers starting at 3 microns and continuing at 1 micron increments.

Applications include: 

  • Nuclear Particle Sorting
  • Electron Ion Separation
  • Medical Particulate Sorting
  • Optical Scanning
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • and a variety of others

Metal Mesh Brochure Metal Mesh Brochure downloadable as a PDF.

Electroformed Screens are typically make-to-order and may require 3-4 week lead-time

  • BM 2000-01
    Product: BM 2000-01
    Hole Size (microns) 8
    Open Area (Transmission) 36%
    Wires per inch 2000
    Hole Size (in) 0.0003
    Material Nickel
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