Plastic Bin Liners

Plastic, open mesh, netting won't absorb fluids and mositure like cardboard liners would. Use soft plastic netting as a breathable liner to minimize corrosion.Breathable Polyethylene Bin Liners Plastic mesh resists dirt and grease and is also...

  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • Reusable

Breathable plastic mesh bin liners are reusable, so they are ultimately more economical than corrugated. It all adds up to improved parts quality at a lower cost.  Use extruded netting for bin liners to guard against corrosion and abrasion.  Plastic Bin Liners are offered in thin polypropylene or soft polyethylene versions.

Priced by the lineal foot, available in rolls - OR - custom cut to the sheet size and length you specify

  • Close-up of Industrial Netting XE4240 Blue Polyethylene Diamond Mesh, .125 x .125 inch
    Product: XE4240
    Color Blue
    Hole Size (in) 0.125 x 0.125
    Roll Width (in) 20
    Thickness (in) 0.074
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  • Close-up of Industrial Netting XN2341 Natural Polyethylene Square Mesh, .155 x .160 inch
    Product: XN2341
    Color Natural
    Hole Size (in) 0.155 X 0.160
    Roll Width (in) 39
    Thickness (in) 0.055
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  • Close-up of Industrial Netting XR6065 Red Polypropylene Square Mesh, .025 x .030 inch
    Product: XR6065
    Color Red
    Hole Size (in) 0.025 x 0.030
    Roll Width (in) 43.5
    Thickness (in) 0.014
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